Go Green with Metal /Steel Buildings

1. Pre-fabricated components: Pre-fabricated steel buildings are eco-friendly from the beginning to the end of their construction cycle. 90% of the building is cut and welded at the factory,panels are cut to size there also less waste which  equals less need to recycle  Not only does this streamline the building process, but the on-site work they require is quicker to complete, uses fewer laborers and on-site machinery and reduces overall energy consumption.

2. GREEN Certification: As more municipalities begin to require sustainable building standards for new construction projects, steel is becoming a more popular option. It meets the requirements for the nation’s leading green construction certifying agencies, such as the National Green Building Program, which certifies residential buildings, and the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, used for both residential and commercial structures.

 3.Well designed and executed steel buildings are not only affordable, they are also more sustainable than alternative structures. 

Give us a call an learn more about what an Eco-friendly metal building can do for you.

Did you know the average stick built 1800 square foot house will take over one acre of trees to build! Over one Acre think about that. A steel building is 100% recyclable!

Who knows your new steel building may be built from that 1980’s truck you took the the scrap yard a few years back. ( Talk about full circle!! )



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