Frequently Asked Questions

At CCI Buildings we understand that purchasing a steel building may be a once in a lifetime purchase.

We also know the entire process of learning about steel buildings, the options available, and sifting through multiple quotes can be overwhelming at times.Your purchase is a big deal, and you have questions. At CCI Buildings we believe a big part of our job is in providing our clients with the information they need to make better informed decisions.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.
Due in part to the cost efficiency of Steel Buildings they now account for approximately 70% of all new buildings!

They are well suited for almost any type structure imaginable! From a Carport or One Car Garage to Homes, Workshops, Commercial ,Agricultural, Airplane Hangers, Sports Facilties, Equestrian, Mini Storage. Your CCI Building Advisor will be best able to help you determine your building requirments based on your specific needs.

In most cases yes.  Some locations will not require a permit for a agricultural building. Your best bet is to check first with your Local/County Building Department to determine what size structure you can erect on your specific site, and whether or not you will require a permit.

Of course! Our advisors will help you design your building so that it meets or exceeds your local codes.

We have plenty of experience in advising our clients who live in some of the more challenging weather locations be it wind speeds for Hurricane prone areas, or snow loads for colder climates. Either way we’ve got you covered!

Delivery and installation time will differ.based on varying factors such as:

Are you getting Site specific engineered plans or Generic?
Permit processing time – which varies from County to County
Weather Conditions
Your CCI Building advisor will be able to give you a more accurate time frame when discussing your particular project with you.

No! Because here at CCI Buildings we know that each order is as individualized as you are!

We don’t believe in cookie cutter online computerized estimators.

An estimator cannot provide you with the personalized information or guidance that you need to make your best choices.

It can’t tell you that perhaps there are options available to you to not only accomplish your goals but do it in a more cost effective way.

In other words here at CCI Buildings we find that by actually taking the time to speak with our clients the results are far more advantageous to you our client.

Yes,and yes! Almost any building you purchase from CCI Buildings can easily be modifiied to meet your changing needs We can lengthen, or make it wider or higher or enclose an open area. The buildings can also be dismantled, moved and re-assembled.
*We can only do this if your original building was bought through us.

If it is a building that you got from us yes! If it’s an existing building from another company or your house for example we will not be able to attach our structure, BUT we will be able to get as close as possible to your existing structure and design it in a way to make it work for you!