Commercial Steel Building Construction Info

As a business owner or manager of a commercial enterprise you need a metal structure to house your operation that is not only dependable, secure, and pleasing to the eye., but cost effective, and fufills YOUR business’s very specific needs.

CCI’s steel buildings do just that and more! That’s probably why steel buildings now account for 70-80% of all new commercial buildings built each year

Steel framing is so strong it does not require interior columns , allowing for complete flexibility for your interior design. Making it easier for you to customize your space with shelving, insulation, heating/cooling, and lighting.

Our steel buildings go up quicker, stay stronger and last longer then most other construction choices. Our buildings are low maintainance & eco friendly , resistant to the weather, pests, mold & mildew, fire, and rotting, giving you additional value and peace of mind.


Over the years CCI Buildings has helped business owners like you design, Auto Repair Shops, Boat Storage Facilities, Indoor Riding Arenas, Batting Ranges, Campground Buildings, Airplane Hangars, Self Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Parking Facilities etc.
Our metal buildings make fantastic Retail facilities, large warehouse, park seating areas, workshops, and much more!

From 12′-60′ wide clear span and as long as you want, with sidewall heights up to 24′(at the eave) We’ve got you covered!

You can customize your structure based off of a variety of options, including but not limited to, color, trim, size, style, accessories, cut-outs, and certifications to meet building code for permits. The possibilities for creation are unlimited. So,if you have commercial building needs, you can get started by going to our EZ BUILDER and taking that design in your head to the next step.

The building is one of the strongest statements about your business and one of the main aspects of your operations your customers will come in contact with so of course it’s very important do you have a sturdy, elegant and effective presence for your business operations.   The variety of design choices means you can create the ultimate building to perfectly represent any brand.

We know that as a business owner your time is valuable. That’s why we do whatever we can to make the process EZ! Start at EZ BUILDER to start your design process, then you can give us a call to let us know your specific needs. Delivery and Installation is included in your price, and we can pull the permits for your slab and building.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity
to be a part of your next project!
Any questions call us: 888 97-STEEL