Featured Barn and Farm Equipment

Purchasing a barn can leave you with many questions:

“Can I expand to add more horse stalls and storage space?”

“Will my horses be safe?” “How much will it cost?”

That is why CCI Buildings offers horse barn designs that we can customize to accommodate all your equestrian needs.

You can sleep well at night knowing our standard building is wind rated to 150 M.P.H. and for a few dollars more 170 M.P.H. In addition, our prefab horse barns erect in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to build a brick, wood, or stone structure.

CCI’S professional staff with over 30 years in the construction industry is ready to help you design the perfect barn for your needs.

To get started on your way to getting your new building. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or use our EZBuilder Pro tool to design your dream barn.

Building are engineered,designed and built to Protect your equipment,livestock, materials and agricultural supply’s that are a critical priority.

More useful details and general concepts for agricultural steel building, barn and pole-barn construction.

Our Steel/Metal storage buildings are an economical safe investment, perfect for Tractor Hay equipment or hay storage. We have an extensive knowledge of m difference types of agricultural steel buildings, From the center and solutions that match your specific requirements. Unlike other building materials, building with steel ensures durability for many years to come.

Wood Pole Barn Vs Steel Frame Construction Cost

Wood pole barn Vs Steel horse barn prices…

wood Pole barns may be cheaper,(you get what you pay for) though the average steel frame barn is listed at prices 40% to 50% less than traditional construction. Even if you can save some money on a wood pole barn up front,remember that you will be required to spend additional time and money on maintenance costs, longer construction times and more investment if you want to expand the barn later on. A steel frame barn offers savings physically as well as economically. A steel frame barn also saves you energy costs, insurance costs and ours come with a generous warranty,20 years on the frame and 40 years on the roof and siding  lasting a few decades.

Last but not least you have to consider the welfare of your animal. Wood pole barns are usually not recommended for livestock because there is a risk of fire,termites dry rot, wood fungus and could poisonous and unsanitary. Since you are building the barn for your horse, or animals that are either personally priceless or professionally expensive, choose only the safest option: A Steel Barn from CCI BUILDINGS.