Structural Options and Details

What is the difference between the 150 M.P.H. and the 170 M.P.H. wind rated Buildings ?

The primary differences between the standard 150 M.P.H. and the 170M.P.H. building is the spacing of the legs and trussed the 150 M.P.H. building comes standard with 5′ (Max) on center , where the 170M.P.H. Building is 4′ (Max) on center anchoring and bracing to name just a few differences  , already extremely durable 150 mph wind rating, and the extra strong 170mph option are the guage of the tubing, the spacing between the poles, and the use of strictly high impact doors and windows.

Structural Differences Between Various Steel Building Sizes

Within the boxed eave style building category, which is the roof style for all large buildings and the most durable and popular preference for small buildings as well, there are different truss styles depending on the width of building you are choosing. See below for images and details of our superior True Max Clear Span double trusses available on buildings over 24′ wide.

Structural Options

14 Guage Framing

Fourteen-gauge steel is .0747 inch thick. <i>Everybody knows this is confusing, but it’s important to remember:  The higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. </i>Thin steel is easier to work with because it has more give. A building or carport built out of 14-gauge steel will be lightweight, and durable and provides a bit of savings. However, it is not as strong as lower gauge steel.

12 Guage Framing

Twelve-gauge steel is thicker and, therefore, more sturdy. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. The exact thickness is .1046 inches. A building or carport built out of 12-gauge steel provides the strongest, and most durable frame.



True Max Clear Span Double Truss

Anyone that has told you all tubular steel structures are the same has not seen our product line ! Our 12′ wide to 24′ wide buildings come with a single leg and truss system with brackets and bracing. The  26’to 30′ wide clear span building comes with a  Max Clearance Double Truss System with brackets and  bracing . and our 32′ to 60′ Clear span Building come with a  True Double Leg Truss that ties to the  Max Clear True double Truss roof  system  Not like our Competitors version of a double truss. Sell Below.

Our Competitors Idea of a double truss.

Our Competitors Idea of a double truss.

Our True Max Clearance Double Truss.

Our True Max Clearance Double Truss.




The regular roof has rounded eaves, which is the most economical roof design since it does not have the hat channel, ridge cap, eave-side trim or the welded transition from the vertical roof truss to the leg.

The “A” framed roof, or “Boxed Eave” is similar to a regular roof but is has square rather than rounded eaves. It’s the second most economical design since it does not have the hat channel and ridge cap that the vertical roof requires to support the vertical panels. The truss underneath the eave is covered with boxed eave trim creating a nice finished appearance.

The vertical roof has a boxed eave and is so named because the panels run vertically rather then horizontally, this is the best roof choice for longevity. The roof design reduces snow and rain buildup allowing it to drain easily to the ground. This roof type requires the least amount of maintenance and is preferred over the other styles of roof.   This is the type of durable steel building that you can design with our EZBuilder Pro design tool.

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