Featured Extra Large Metal Buildings

There really is no more practical way to protect and shelter a whole lot of space, like a truly huge steel building.  

Here’s more you will want to know if you are thinking about adding a really really big steel building to your operations plan.

We can build single CLEAR SPAN buildings up to 60 feet wide and up to hundreds of feet long, and join multiple buildings side to side with or without wall paneling.  Here’s more information about our unique double truss clear span construction.

A big tale of big tails and a very big steel building – 1.326 acres in one building!

A company south Florida Florida had just acquired an abandoned shrimp farm they needed to retrofit it to build the largest alligator farm in North America The existing pools and ponds needed to be enclosed and covered so the gators could be grown out in a climate controlled Buildings out of the weather to make an environment that was conducive to Breading large alligators in a short amount of time. After Month of searching for a company to build there new facility CCI buildings was selected for the job the first building was 68’x100′ 6,800sq feet the second building was a 180’x321′ 57,780 square feet thats over 1.326 acres in one building.

we also have erected a 38’x128′ 4,864 sq feet of building two 42×40 buildings another 1,680 each a 24×40 pump all in total we build over 80,000 sq feet of building that have held up to a hurricane winds in 2017 with No damage This was our biggest project as to date. No matter a 12’x21′(252 sq feet)building for your tractor or

Over 80,000 sq foot project. We will design engineer and build your next project.