Rent to Own Metal / Steel Buildings

No Credit Check
No Early Pay Off Penalty
Month to Month Rental
Instant Approval


Rent To Own Your Dream Building

Rent-to-Own how to guide
Cci Buildings are very excited to offer a RTO ( rent to own) option. This will We hope to provide the best customer service in our industry and make sure we meet our customer’s needs. Below are some highlights of how our RTO program works,
No Credit check.
Must be home owner.
$2,000- $25,000. loans from 36 72 months
Customers can purchase buildings more than $25,000. however they must pay the difference up front.
For example, if they purchased a building that is $27,000, they must pay the $2000.00 up front to get
the $25,000 financed along with their down payment.
LDW works like insurance, if the building is destroyed during a storm or act of god, the customer can opt to stop making payments or, have the building replaced at no additional charge.
LDW (Liability Damage Waiver) 10% of monthly payment after tax (optional).
Dealer fills out purchase order (order form) to get pricing and amount to finance.
Dealer Collects normal commission.
The order will be processed and sent to scheduling, if there are any pricing errors we will contact dealer to resolve and place order on hold/ into pending.
Payments start after installation of building
First payment will include normal monthly payment (plus LDW if customer purchases LDW) sales tax and a $100.00 security deposit.
Customers can pay off the lease early with no penalty.
Customer Must have Valid State Drivers ID with correct Address