Vehicle Storage and Carports

Why are you leaving one of the biggest investments exposed to the elements for long periods of time, allowing rain, snow, hail, and other inclement weather – as well as animals and tree branches or other debris to damage it. When the time comes to resell this major investment, be it your car truck motorcycle ,boat R.v. that minimal daily damage caused by outdoor storage suddenly shows up, often resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost resale value.

Do you park your car outside? Do you not have a garage, or is your garage so full of storage or workspace and equipment that you can no longer park your vehicle inside the garage? Is your garage just too far of a walk from your house, especially if you’re carrying groceries? If you are currently parking your car outside, you should consider alternatives to protect your investment in your vehicle and reducing the likelihood of wear and tear and damage! Here are five reasons why investing in a CCi Builiding carport, or garage, is the right move for you.

Carports are cost effective. Unlike a traditional garage, pole barn, or shed, For a fraction of the cost of a garage, you can protect one vehicle (or more) from the potential ravages of outdoor storage and harsh weather in just about any setting, urban or rural.

Car entry won’t be a hassle. There’s nothing worse than climbing into a vehicle with a dark paint color on a hot day after it’s been sitting out in the sun for a few hours. You can feel like you’re being roasted alive. Of course, if it’s winter, you’ll probably have frozen fingers before you can scrape all the accumulated ice and snow off the exterior of your vehicle, to say nothing of the snow that inevitably falls inside onto your seat when you reach in to grab your ice brush. Even if it’s only raining, you can end up with a wet seat in a matter of seconds. Why deal with the misery of numb fingers, a wet seat, or intolerable heat for your whole commute? By protecting your vehicle Say goodbye to bird droppings, hail dents, tree branch damage, and other debris. With a portable garage protecting your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about debris from nearby trees, inclement weather, or migrating birds making a mess of your vehicle. It will still be clean and dry, protected from the elements and other sources of dirt and irritation.

Ensure that one of your biggest investments isn’t rapidly depreciating due to poor storage; invest in a carport today to protect your car or truck ,boar R.V. Motorcycles from the elements!

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